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Locating missing source in the Code view

ARM Streamline automatically locates and displays the source code in the source view. If, however, the source files are not located in the same directory location they were in during compilation, the source view is not populated and you must search your file system to find the associated source file.

In cases where Streamline cannot locate the source, it displays a missing source file message in the source section of the Code view.

Figure 8-3 Missing source file

Missing source file

Follow these steps to locate the version of the source file used to create the analysis report:


  1. There are two ways to start:
    • Click the link under the missing file message.
    • Click the Locate button in the toolbar.
    Either method opens the Locate source dialog box.

    Figure 8-4 The Locate source dialog box

    The Locate source dialog box


    The Locate source dialog box is a standard file navigation window, and varies depending on your operating system.
  2. Using the Locate source dialog box, navigate your file system and select the matching source file.
  3. Click the Open button. Streamline now populates the view with your source code and the statistical overlay.

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