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Log view column headers

The log view lists every annotation generated during your capture session alongside when it occurred and what code created it.


To populate the Log view, insert ANNOTATE statements in your code. Absent ANNOTATE statements in the source, the view is empty.

The Log view contains the following column headers:

This value, given in seconds, tells you when message was generated during the captured execution. All messages appear in the Log view in chronological order.
The difference in time between when this message and the one previous to it were generated. Filtering affects the values in this column. If your searches narrow this list down, the delta values reflect only the filtered messages.
The contents of the message generated by ANNOTATE. If an annotation message contains an image, a camera icon appears in the Message column. Select a row with a camera icon to see the image.

Figure 11-1 Visual annotation in the Log view

Visual annotation in the Log view

You assign any channel to a group using the ANNOTATE_NAME_CHANNEL macro. to create a group. The title created using the ANNOTATE_NAME_GROUP macro is used in this column.
If you assigned a macro to a channel using either the ANNOTATE_CHANNEL or ANNOTATE_CHANNEL_COLOR macros, the channel name is listed here.
The core that generated the message.
The process and thread that generated the message.


Unlike the other table reports in Streamline, you cannot sort the data in the Log view.

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