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The Connection Browser dialog box

The Connection Browser dialog box, opened from the Streamline Data view, enables you to find your desired target and select it without having to look up its name or IP address.

When you click the Browse for a target button in the Connection field of the Streamline Data view, Streamline searches your network and provides a selectable list of possible targets. The Connection Browser sorts the targets by type:

Lists all DSTREAM targets available on the network. If you select a DSTREAM unit from this list, you must also specify the type of hardware the DSTREAM unit is connected to using the Target Type Browser, located below the Connection field in the Streamline Data view.


Streamline does not support all target types connected through a DSTREAM unit. The list that appears in the Target Type Browser is a list of all currently supported DSTREAM-connected targets.
All RealView-ICE targets are listed in this category. As with DSTREAM, you must specify your hardware type using the Target Type Browser.
Streamline Agent
Lists all targets connected directly to the network that have gator installed and running. These are the most common targets for Streamline. If you select one of these targets, the Target Type, listed below the Connection field in the Streamline Data view, is set to Streamline Agent. Keep this value when using a board not connected to a debug device.