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Setting up events-based sampling

In Streamline, you can override the default interval sampling with events-based sampling using the Counter Configuration dialog box.

To enable events-based sampling, follow these steps:


  1. Open the Counter Configuration dialog box using the button in the Streamline data view.
  2. Select an event from the Events to Collect list.
  3. Click the Toggle events-based sampling button on the right side of the dialog box. If the Toggle events-based sampling button is not selectable after you have selected an event, then that event does not support events-based sampling.
  4. Enter a value in the newly activated Threshold field. Avoid setting a very low threshold for high frequency events. If you enter a threshold value that generates too many samples, Streamline could fail, and you might have to restart your target. To find an appropriate value to enter in the Threshold field, turn off events-based sampling to run a standard, time-based profile with the event counter that you want to use enabled. Look at the resulting Timeline view and note the peak per-second value in the chart for your counter. Your target for the Threshold field is 1000 samples per second, so if the peak for that event is 2000000, a good value to insert in the Threshold field is 2000.

    Figure 4-5 Setting up events-based sampling

    Setting up events-based sampling

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