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Streamline prerequisites

To run Streamline, your hardware must meet certain specifications, and you must have certain tools installed to build the gator daemon and kernel. Review this list of prerequisites before trying to set up your target.

To run Streamline, you must have:

  • An ARM®-powered hardware target.
  • The Linux kernel source code for the target platform. Streamline supports only Linux kernel versions 2.6.32 and above.


    You only need the Linux kernel source code if you are using kernel space gator. This provides a complete set of available features from the gator driver, gator.ko. You do not need the source code if you are using user space gator. This does not support all Streamline features and is only supported for Linux kernel 3.4 and later.
  • GCC to build the Linux kernel natively on the target, or to cross compile it on a Linux host. You can obtain GCC at the Linaro website:

To run Streamline with a Cortex®-M3 target, you must also have:

  • A DSTREAM device.
  • A platform with an ETM trace port.
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