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Live view toolbar options

The Live view provides options that enable you to stop the current capture session and navigate through the Live view history.

The Live view contains the following toolbar options:

Stop data capture
Stops the capture session. The resulting report data replaces the Live view in the editor section of Eclipse for DS-5. It has the same effect as clicking the Stop data capture button in the Streamline Data view. To the right of the Stop data capture button there is a drop down menu that contains two options:
Stop capture and analyze
This option has the same effect as clicking the Stop data capture button. It stops the capture and keeps data based on the settings in the Capture & Analysis Options dialog box.
Stop capture and discard
Choose this option to terminate the current capture session and discard all data. If you choose this option, Streamline does not create an APC report.
Go to beginning
Moves the scrollbar to the beginning of the charts in the Live view and holds focus there.
Halt scrolling
Causes the Live view to stop scrolling so that you can focus on the chart data currently in view. The charts of the Live view continue to expand as the capture session continues, but the Live view only moves if you move the horizontal scrollbar.
Go to live position
Clicking Go to live position returns the Live view to the default scrolling behavior. The view moves with the growing charts and the live streaming data remains in focus.
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