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Table view contextual menu options

Streamline provides contextual menu options that help you navigate between the available report types. Right-click on any row in a table report to open a contextual menu.

The following options are available from contextual menus in the table views:

Select Process/Thread in Timeline
Opens the Timeline view with the currently selected processes, threads, and functions selected in the Processes section. Handles for selected processes in the Timeline view appear partially blue.
Select in Functions
Opens the Functions view. All functions related to the selection in the current report are selected in the Functions view.
Select in Code
Opens the Code view. All lines of code for the current selection are selected in the Code view.
Edit Source
Opens the file that contains the process, thread, or function in your default code editor.
Fully Expand Rows - Call Paths view only
Opens the hierarchy to reveal every descendent of the selected functions.
Expand Selection to All Matching Functions - Call Paths view only
Updates the current selection to include every instance of the selected functions, wherever they exist in the hierarchy. It expands the hierarchy to expose currently hidden instances of the function.
Collapse Unselected Rows - Call Paths view only
Collapses every row in the hierarchy that is not part of the current selection.
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