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Core Map and Cluster Map modes

The Core Map and Cluster Map modes change the details panel of the Timeline view to a mode that highlights core or cluster affinity. In these modes, the bars show the mapping of software threads to processor cores or clusters to show you on which cores your bottleneck functions are running.

Figure 6-12 Core Map mode with two cores

Core Map with two cores

The colors in Core Map mode are:

First core.
Second core.
Third core.
Fourth core.
Fifth core.

The colors in the Cluster Map mode are:

First cluster.
Second cluster.
Third cluster.
Fourth cluster.

Hovering the mouse cursor over a color-coded bin shows you which core or cluster the color identifies. There is a key in the bottom of the details panel that shows you each of the colors and which core or cluster that color represents.


Core Map mode is supported for captures using SMP systems and Cluster Map mode is only supported by hardware targets where there is more than one cluster of cores. These modes do not appear in the mode menu in captures where they are not supported.
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