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Snippet menu

Located on the left hand side of the Timeline view, between the charts and the details panel, the Snippets menu enables you to manage your saved chart templates and create new charts. The default charts and the charts that you have saved using the Save as Snippet button in the Chart Configuration panel are all categorized in the menu, so that you can easily find them and add them to the Timeline view.

Figure 6-41 The Snippets menu

The Snippets menu

On the left side of the Snippet menu is the Categories section, and on the right a Sticky Snippets section.

Click on any category in the Categories to see all of the charts assigned to it. Sticky Snippets are customized charts that Streamline will display in the Timeline view in every new report. Drag and drop a snippet from the left side of the Snippets menu to the Sticky Snippets list to create a new Sticky Snippet.

All snippets have an associated symbol:

This chart is available to be added. Click on the Add button to add the chart to the Timeline view.
A chart in the Timeline has a configuration that precisely matches the snippet.
A caution symbol appears next to the snippet if the counters necessary for the chart were not captured during the capture session. Hover the mouse cursor over a snippet with a caution symbol to display a tooltip detailing which counters in the snippet were not captured in the report data. Try re-configuring your counters using the Counter Configuration dialog box and run another capture session to add these charts populated with data.

Auto-generated charts appear in orange in the Snippets view. When Streamline creates the report data in a capture, it generates charts for all of the available counters assigned in the Counter Configuration dialog box. If you make changes to, or remove any of these auto-generated charts, you can restore them using the Snippets menu.

To move snippets in the Snippets menu, drag and drop them into a new location. To re-order a snippet, move it up and down in the list. To move a snippet from one category to another, drag the snippet to the category header and hover for a second.

Figure 6-42 Changing categories

Changing categories

The snippet moves one level up in the hierarchy. Move the snippet over a category and hover to open that category. Place the snippet in any location within the category.

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