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Timeline view toolbar

ARM Streamline provides easy ways to navigate and modify the Timeline view using the toolbar.

The toolbar controls in the Timeline view are:

One or more tags appear on the left hand side of the toolbar if a special condition applies to the report. A tag appears if one of the following conditions applies:
  • Events-based sampling was used during the capture session.

    Figure 6-19 Events-based sampling tag on the Timeline toolbar

    Events-based sampling tag on the Timeline toolbar

  • User space gator was used during the capture session.

    Figure 6-20 User space gator tag

    User space gator tag

  • One or more warnings apply to the report.

    Figure 6-21 Warnings tag

    Warnings tag

  • You are currently using DS-5 Community Edition.

    Figure 6-22 Community Edition tag

    Community Edition tag

When you hover over a tag, a tooltip appears, giving you more detailed information about what the tag signifies.
Brings up contextual help in Eclipse.
Toggle bookmark markers
Activates or deactivates the bookmark markers in the Timeline view. If selected, Streamline places vertical lines that stretch across the charts under each of your bookmarks.
Toggle HUD Display
Toggles the Samples HUD on and off.
Reset filtering
Resets the calipers. The calipers are the blue arrow controls at the top of the Timeline view that you can use to filter the statistics in the reports to an area of interest.
Select Annotation log...
Opens the Log view and selects the closest Annotation-generated message to the current position of the Cross Section Marker. This option is not applicable if you did not include ANNOTATION statements in your code.
Zoom level
Enables you to cycle through the levels of zoom. Use the plus and minus buttons to increase or decrease the units of time used to represent one bin in the Timeline view.

Figure 6-23 The zoom level drop-down menu

The zoom level drop-down menu

Time index marker
Shows the time index of the current location of the mouse cursor. The time index marker contains a drop down menu that enables you to specify the level of zoom for the Timeline view.
Export Timeline view to a text file
Opens the Export dialog box, enabling you to export the data from the Timeline view. Values can be separated by spaces, commas, or tab delimiters, making it easy to save data as a separate file or to open it in your favorite spreadsheet application.
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