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Kernel annotations

You can insert annotation macros in either user space code or kernel space code. There are a few important considerations when using them in kernel space code or in a module.


As the annotation macros might block, ARM recomments that you do not add them to kernel space code in an interrupt context. For more information, see gator_annotate.c in the gator driver source archive, gator-driver.tar.gz.

For string, visual, and marker annotations, and channels and groups, the same macros are defined for both user space and kernel space using the _KERNEL_ preprocessor conditional. Insert these macros in kernel space code or in a module in the same way you would in user space code, with the following exceptions:

  • Do not call ANNOTATE_SETUP in kernel space code. This macro is a prerequisite for other annotation macros in user space code, but not in kernel space code.
  • You do not need to include streamline_annotate.c in the project.

You can only use the custom counter macros and custom activity map macros in user space code. See the gator_events_mmapped.c example in gator-driver.tar.gz for an example of adding custom counters to kernel space code.

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