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The Connection Browser dialog box

The Connection Browser dialog box, opened from the Streamline Data view, enables you to select a target without having to look up its name or IP address.

Figure 2-3 Connection Browser in Streamline

Connection Browser in Streamline

When you click the Browse for a target button in the Connection field of the Streamline Data view, Streamline searches your network and provides a selectable list of possible targets. The Connection Browser sorts the targets by type:

Lists all DSTREAM targets available on the network. If you select a DSTREAM unit from this list, you must also specify the type of hardware the DSTREAM unit is connected to, using the Target Type Browser in the Capture & Analysis Options dialog box.


Streamline does not support all target types connected through a DSTREAM unit. The list that appears in the Target Type Browser is a list of all currently supported DSTREAM-connected targets.
Streamline Agent
Lists all targets connected directly to the network that have gator installed and running. These are the most common targets for Streamline. If you select one of these targets, the Target Type, shown in the Capture & Analysis Options dialog box, is set to Streamline Agent.
Streamline Agent via ADB
Lists all Android targets that have gator installed and running and are connected to the host using ADB. You must have installed ADB and specified its location in the Capture & Analysis Options dialog in order for this list to be populated.

Clicking the Setup Target... button opens a dialog that allows you to automatically set up Streamline on a rooted Android or Linux target. You can specify an ADB connection for an Android target, or the IP address, user name, and password for a Linux target connected using SSH.

Click Install to install and start a pre-built user space gator which runs on Android or Linux and on ARMv7 or ARMv8 targets. gatord runs using the -a flag, so that you can enter a command in the Capture & Analysis Options dialog box without having to restart it.

The Setup Target dialog allows you to run a capture session without having to carry out the manual steps for configuring and running gatord.


  • gatord must run as root. If you are using ADB, adbd also must run as root.

  • gatord might not start automatically on boot on all targets.

  • User space gator runs without the gator driver, gator.ko and does not support all Streamline features. For example, some counters might not be available. Kernel space gator provides a complete set of available features. To use it you must build gator.ko.

Figure 2-4 Automatically setting up Streamline on the target

Automatically setting up Streamline on the target