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Sorting table reports

Streamline supports multi-level search in all of the table reports, enabling you to bring functions to the top of table reports based on your specifications.

To perform a multi-level sort in any table report, follow these steps:


  1. Click on any of the column headers.
    The data in the table views is reordered based on the data contained in that column. Repeat clicks toggle the sort order between ascending and descending. The default numerical and alphabetical sorting behavior varies from column to column, but an upwards arrow in the column header always indicates an ascending sort, while a downward arrow indicates a descending sort.


    If an element is selected in the table, a re-sort attempts to keep the selected element in view.
  2. Hold down the shift key and click on a different column header.

    This provides a secondary sort. Clicking on the same column again with the shift key held down reverses the sort order. This can be repeated on any number of columns to provide multiple levels of sorting.

    Figure 7-1 A multi-level sort

    A multi-level sort


    The dots in the lower right of the column headers indicate ordering, with the number of dots indicating the position of the column in the sort hierarchy. For example, one dot means the marked column is the primary sort column, while two dots indicates it is the secondary sort.