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Table view toolbar options

The toolbar in the table reports provides options for help, export, and opening source files. The toolbar in the Call Paths view adds a few unique options.

The following options are available from the toolbar:

Show Help
Opens contextual help in Eclipse.
Edit Source
Opens the source file in your preferred editor. Without any rows containing references to source files selected in the table view, the Edit Source option is disabled.
Fully collapse all rows - Call Paths view only
Hides all children in the entire hierarchy. It has the effect of closing all disclosure controls.
Fully expand all rows - Call Paths view only
Shows the entire hierarchy. It has the effect of opening disclosure controls to reveal all processes, threads, and functions.
Export table to a text file
Opens the export dialog box, enabling you to export the data from the table view. Values can be separated by spaces, commas, or tab delimiters, making it easy to save data as a separate file or to open it in your favorite spreadsheet application.