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Enabling Android atrace annotations

Streamline supports application-generated atrace annotations on Android targets that are running Linux kernel versions 3.10 and later.

To enable this feature, the file notify.dex must be installed into the same directory as gatord on the target. A pre-built version of notify.dex is supplied in <DS-5_install_directory>/arm/gator/. Clicking Setup target... in the Connection Browser dialog installs this file onto an Android target. The Java source code for notify.dex is available in the same locations as the gatord source code:

If this feature is enabled, gatord reads atrace annotations and passes them to Streamline for processing. The annotations are emitted as counters, normal channels, or hierarchical flame chart style annotations.

Counters are displayed in the Counter Configuration dialog. If you expect to see atrace counters, but none are displayed, run gatord with the -d flag to display a debug message indicating why atrace support is not enabled.