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gatord command-line options

When you start gatord from the command line, you can pass various options to it, including options that define the location of the gator.ko module and the configurable xml files it uses to define the parameters of the capture session.

You can use the following options with gatord:


Allows users to run a command on the target during profiling. The command is specified in the Capture & Analysis Options dialog.

If you use this option, an unauthenticated user will be able to run arbitrary commands on the target using Streamline.

-c path/configuration.xml

Sets the location of the configuration.xml file that defines the capture options. Include the directory location and the file name. This option is useful when the directory containing gatord is not writable.

Displays gatord debug messages.
-e path/events.xml

Specifies the location of the events.xml file to use with gatord. events.xml defines all of the counters that Streamline collects during the capture session. Include the directory location and the file name.

-E filename

Specifies the location of an XML file that defines one or more event counters to append to the events.xml file. This option allows you to add new events to gator without having to rebuild gatord or to entirely replace events.xml.

The XML file must include the XML header and elements shown in the following example:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <category name="Filesystem">
    <event counter="filesystem_loginuid" path="/proc/self/loginuid" title="loginuid" name="loginuid" class="absolute" description="loginuid"/>

Lists all of the available gatord command-line options.

-m path/gator.ko

If gator.ko is located in a different directory to gatord, this option defines its location.

-p port_num

Sets the port number that gatord uses to communicate with the host.

-s path/session.xml

Defines the location of the session.xml file. Include the directory location and the file name. This option is most useful when performing a local capture.

-o apc_dir

When performing a local capture, defines the location of the resulting APC directory.


Displays version information for gatord.