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Automatic image transfer

To generate analysis reports, Streamline uses copies on the host machine of the relevant images and libraries. You can either manually select these files, using the Program Images section of the Capture & Analysis Options dialog, or Streamline can automatically transfer them from an Android or Linux target.

To enable automatic image transfer, specify a regex in the field at the bottom of the Live view to match the names of the images to retrieve:

Figure 5-2 Specifying a regex in the Live view

Specifying a regex in the Live view

If you manually select an image, and also specify a regex that matches an image with the same name on the target, the manually selected image is used, and no image transfer takes place.


  • When you manually select images, Streamline processes them during the capture. When Streamline automatically transfers images, it processes them when the capture ends. This might cause the analysis to take slightly longer.

  • If Streamline cannot transfer a valid image, it displays a warning in the report.

  • Images that are not ELF files, for instance Java applications running on Android, are not transferred, although they might be listed in the Live view as a process.

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