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Capture color-coding

Each of the captures in the Streamline Data view has a color-coded bar to its left. The color of the bar tells you the status of the capture and dictates what happens when you double-click on it.

The following colors can appear next to a capture:

Blue indicates a working capture that contains a report compatible with the current version of Streamline. Double-click on a blue capture to open its report in the Editor section of Eclipse for DS-5.
Amber indicates a capture that needs to be re-analyzed, as its report is missing or incompatible with the current version of Streamline. Generate a new capture by either clicking the Analyze button or by double-clicking on the capture.
Red indicates the capture does not contain valid data and cannot be re-analyzed. You must run another capture session on your target. This often occurs when the capture was created by a much earlier version of Streamline. It might indicate a capture error, in which case the error message is displayed in a tooltip.

Figure 2-2 Color-coded captures

Color-coded captures