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Enabling Android atrace annotations

Streamline supports atrace annotations on Android targets that are running Linux kernel versions 3.10 and later.

It supports the following application-generated macros:


Streamline converts these into hierarchical flame chart style string annotations.


Streamline converts these into non-hierarchical string annotations.


Streamline converts these into counters.

In addition, Streamline supports Android ATRACE_TAG_* macros. Any atrace tags that you enable are listed as available events in an atrace section in the Counter Configuration dialog. If you expect to see atrace events but none are displayed, click on the Warnings tag in the Counter Configuration dialog to see why atrace support is not enabled.

To notify any running applications that atrace annotation tags have been enabled, the file notify.dex must be installed on the target in the same directory as gatord. You can install a pre-built version of notify.dex as part of target setup, by clicking the Setup target... button in the Connection Browser dialog. The Java source code for notify.dex is available in the following locations:

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