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Features of Streamline Ultimate, Professional, and Community Editions

Streamline is available in DS-5 Ultimate, Professional, and Community Editions.

Community Edition has the following restrictions:

  • Only the Timeline and Functions views are available. All other views are only available in the Ultimate and Professional Editions.

  • A limited set of hardware performance counters is available.

  • Only one image can be selected at a time for analysis.

  • Community Edition supports Mali GPU activity, but does not support OpenCL mode.

  • The following features are also not supported:

    • Per-core views.

    • Core map mode, Cluster map mode, and Samples mode.

    • Caliper selection.

    • Energy capture.

    • Event-based sampling (EBS).

    • Custom activity maps.

For an up-to-date list of Community, Professional, and Ultimate Edition features, visit the DS-5 website: For information about the features supported by customized toolkit editions, see


  • Only Community Edition and Ultimate Edition support ARMv8 targets. If you open a capture generated on an ARMv8 target and do not have a valid license for ARMv8 features, Streamline displays a warning and opens a Community Edition version of the report for that capture.

  • If you use the ARM License Manager in Eclipse for DS-5 to switch toolkit, you must restart Streamline for the new license to take effect.