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Increasing the memory that is available for Streamline

To increase the amount of memory that is available for Streamline, you must modify the Streamline ini file.

Streamline supports multiple operating systems, so you must select the ini file that is specific to your operating system. To find the correct file, see the following table:

Operating system

Ini file location

Windows 64-bit, GUI DS-5_install_directory/sw/streamline/Streamline-gui.ini
Windows 64-bit, command line DS-5_install_directory/sw/streamline/Streamline.ini
Windows 32-bit, GUI DS-5_install_directory/sw/streamline/Streamline-32-gui.ini
Windows 32-bit, command line DS-5_install_directory/sw/streamline/Streamline-32.ini
Linux 64-bit DS-5_install_directory/sw/streamline/.Streamline.ini
Linux 32-bit DS-5_install_directory/sw/streamline/.Streamline-32.ini
Mac OS DS-5_install_directory/sw/streamline/


  1. Open the correct ini file and edit the -Xmx setting. For example, to set aside 4GB of memory for Streamline, change it to:


    You might have to change the access permissions for the file before you can edit it.
  2. Save and close the file.
  3. Restart Streamline.