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Functions view contextual menu options

Right-click on any row in the table report in the Functions view to open a contextual menu.

The following menu options are available:

Top Call Paths
Lists the processes and threads that the selected function was called from. The list is ordered by the number of samples collected in each call path instance. Only the top ten instances are listed.
Select Process/Thread in Timeline
Opens the Timeline view with the processes and threads for the currently selected functions selected in the Processes section. Handles for selected processes appear highlighted.
Select in Call Paths
Opens the Call Paths view. All instances related to the selection are selected in the Call Paths view. This option is only displayed if the selected functions have instances in the Call Paths view.
Select in Code
Opens the Code view. All lines of code for the current selection are selected in the Code view.
Edit Source
Opens the source file for the selected function in your default code editor.
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