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Setting up Energy Probe

It is critical that you set up your Energy Probe correctly. Failure to do so can result in missing power data in Streamline, and, in some cases, damage to your target.

Figure 10-3 Connection to target

Connection to target

To set up Energy Probe, follow these steps:


  1. Connect your target to your host through a USB port.
  2. If necessary, install drivers using the standard Windows driver installation.
    When first plugging in the Energy Probe on Windows, the LED flashes RED at approximately one second intervals. This indicates the USB enumeration has failed and that you must install the driver.
  3. If prompted to locate the driver file, select the ARM_EnergyProbe.inf configuration file, which is located in DS-5_install_directory/sw/streamline/energy_meter/energy_probe/.
    When you have installed the drivers, and Energy Probe is operating correctly, the LED remains green.
  4. To set it up on Linux Ubuntu, enter the following command:

    sudo apt-get install libudev-dev

  5. On Linux Ubuntu, you must do either of the following for Energy Probe to successfully use the device:
    • Change the permissions of the tty device. To do this, enter the following command:

      chmod 777 tty_location

    • Add yourself to the same group as the tty device. To do this, enter the following command:

      usermod -a -G Group_Name User_Name

    dialout is the usual name of the group for the tty device.

    If you attach a probe to the target with the channel wire connector the wrong way around, this causes the LED to turn red and blink. This does not damage your target or the Energy Probe but it does not provide useful data. If this happens, disconnect all Energy Probes and wait until the LED changes to green, then reattach them one by one and make sure you reverse any probe that caused the LED to change to red. When you have attached the Energy Probe correctly, the LED remains green.


    In case of low consumption, it is possible that the LED remains red even if the connection is correct. This might happen if the target device is idle.
  6. If your target has headers available for power or energy metering, attach the ground wire, then attach the probes.
  7. Attach the probes.
    Make sure that the probe polarity is correct by observing whether the LED changes from green to red. The probe white wire is V+. The black wire is V-.
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