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Path prefix substitution in the Code view

Streamline automatically locates and displays the source code in the Code view. If, however, the source files are not located in the same directory they were in during compilation, the Code view is not populated and you must set up path substitutions so that Streamline can find the code.

In cases where Streamline cannot locate the source, it displays a missing source file message in the source section of the Code view.

Figure 7-2 Missing source file

Missing source file

Follow these steps to set up path prefix substitutions:


  1. There are two ways to start:
    • Click the link under the missing file message. This displays a standard file dialog which allows you to locate the file. Doing this creates an entry in the Path Prefix Substitutions dialog to appropriately map the file.
    • Click the Set Path Prefix Substitutions button in the toolbar. This opens the Path Prefix Substitutions dialog box.

    Figure 7-3 Path Prefix Substitutions dialog box

    Path Prefix Substitutions dialog box

  2. Click the plus symbol to add a new path prefix substitution.
  3. Enter valid paths in the Prefix and Replacement fields.
  4. Click the Apply button.
    If the path given in the Replacement field contains code that lines up with the code used in the capture, Streamline populates the view with your source code and the statistical overlay.