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Selecting rows in the Code view

To select a single row of code in the Code view, simply click on it. If you want the selection to span a range of code lines, you have a few options.

To select multiple rows in the Code view, follow these steps:


  1. Click on the code row that is the start of your range.
  2. There are multiple ways to define the range:
    • Hold the mouse after clicking on the first row and drag it across a range of rows.
    • Hold down the shift key and select the last row of the series to select the entire sequence of rows.
    • Hold down the control key if you want to select additional rows without selecting all of the rows in between.
    Selecting code in the Code view highlights related instructions in the disassembly panel.


    • The selection behavior in the disassembly section is slightly different than that of the source code section. Selecting a single line of disassembly selects all of the instructions that relate to a single line of source code, and you can use function tags to highlight all instruction lines associated with a single function.

    • If selected source code lines or disassembly instructions contain too many rows to fit in the bounds of the current window, small selection indicators appears on the right hand side of the Code view. If there are more selected rows than can fit in the view, the indicators show you how many more are present off screen. Click on the More indicator to see additional selected rows.