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Adding new events to the Events to Collect list

Streamline uses the list of counters in the Events to Collect list to determine what data to collect during a capture session.

If an event you want does not appear in the list, you can add it using the following procedure:


  1. Open the Counter Configuration dialog box using the button in the Streamline Data view.
  2. Double-click on an event, or select and drag events from the Available Events list and drop them in the Events to Collect area.

    The added events appear in the Events to Collect list under their category name.


    • The more counters that you select, the greater the probe effect is.

    • If you want Streamline to automatically collect the set of counters required to generate the charts defined in a chart configuration template, click the Add counters from a template button. Chart configuration templates are defined using the Switch and manage templates button in the Live and Timeline views.

  3. In cases where a counter can be collected on one of a number of different cores or interfaces, a drop-down menu appears next to the counter in the Events to Collect list. Use this menu to select a specific core or interface.

    For example, the ARM® Versatile™ Express TC2 hardware, featuring CCI-400 coherent interconnect, enables you to collect counters over a number of different interfaces. The interface drop-down menu in the Events to Collect list is specific to this hardware.

    Figure 4-3 Interface drop-down menu

    Interface drop-down menu