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Events specific to ARM® Mali™ technology

If you connect to a Mali-based target that is configured to support Mali GPU-specific profiling, and is running a version of gator that supports the target GPU, the Available Events list contains events that are specific to Mali-based targets.

For information about the meaning of the Mali-specific events and how to interpret the profiling data, see the Mali GPU Application Optimization Guide. The guide is available on the Mali Developer Center,

When choosing which Mali-specific events to add to the Events to Collect list, consider the following:

  • The Mali-4xx GPUs contain two counters per block, each of which can count one of many events. You can add either or both to the Events to Collect list. You can add any number of the many available Mali Midgard counters because the Midgard hardware reports its hardware events through a block of shared memory rather than through dedicated hardware registers.
  • For Mali-4xx GPUs, vertex and fragment processor counters are delivered as a single total at the end of each phase of activity.
  • L2 counters report continuously because the cache is shared by the vertex and fragment processors and cannot easily be attributed to a single operation.
  • Some Mali counters support multiple interfaces. Choose an interface for each counter using the drop down menu next to the counter in the Events to Collect list.