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Details panel modes

The details panel has the following modes:

Heat Map mode
The Heat Map shows you a list of threads and processes that were active during the capture session in each time bin, alongside a color-coded heat map. Colors range from white to red, and the darker the color, the more activity caused by the thread or process in that bin.
Core Map mode
The Core Map mode is similar to Heat Map mode. It shows a list of threads and processes, but instead of a color-coded heat map, it provides you a colored activity map based on which core was responsible for the majority of the activity for each thread or process. This mode is not available for single core hardware targets.
Cluster Map mode
Identical to Core Map mode, except that Cluster Map mode provides a color-coded activity map based on clusters. This mode is only available for targets that have multiple core clusters.
Samples mode
Samples mode lists the functions with samples in the currently selected cross-section. Double-click on a function to jump to the relevant row in the Functions view.
Processes mode
Processes mode provides a list of all processes alongside a process ID, the average percentage of CPU used and the maximum amount of memory used. Like Samples mode, the data shown is dependent on the current selection of the cross-section marker.
OpenCL mode
This mode displays the OpenCL commands being executed on each thread over the course of a capture session and shows dependencies between commands. It is only available for Mali Midgard targets.
Images mode
This mode is only available if the capture contains visual annotations. It displays an enlarged version of the selected image in a visual annotation chart.

The map modes and OpenCL mode have a filter field. Enter a regular expression in the field to filter the data in the details panel. For example, the map modes show only the threads and processes whose name matches the expression. Regular expression strings are not case sensitive.

Entries in the filter field in one of the map modes affect the other map modes only.

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