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Mali Graphics Debugger (MGD) Mode in Live view

Switch to MGD mode while profiling an application in Streamline to analyze spikes in graphics activity.

To be able to use MGD mode, install Mali Graphics Debugger (MGD) and set up the target with mgddaemon. Instructions for setting up the target for MGD are found in the Mali Graphics Debugger User Guide, which comes with your installation of MGD.

In Live view, click the Analyze in MGD icon in the toolbar to launch MGD from the directory address that is provided in the Capture & Analysis Options dialog.


The functionality that is described here is provided for MGD version 4.0.0.

The following steps then take place:

  1. Streamline locks the Live view.
  2. MGD launches or, if it is already open, starts a new trace in the open application, ensuring that only a single instance of MGD is running at a time.
  3. The MGD application connects to mgddaemon on the target device, using a TCP/IP connection, and begins retrieving trace details from all graphics API applications running on the target.
  4. Processes are then displayed in MGD charts. If there are no graphics API applications running on the target, MGD displays an empty window on entering MGD mode.

Streamline continues to profile and collect data while the Live view is locked. To continue displaying this data in Live view in Streamline alongside MGD, select the Continue live capture after MGD is activated option in the Capture & Analysis Options dialog. If this option is selected, a bookmark annotation appears in Live view to indicate when the first function is traced by MGD.

Streamline can detect the version number of mgddaemon through the TCP/IP connection. The version number allows Streamline to determine whether the Midstream Trace feature is available or whether a capture must be started before the program to be profiled is run.

To continue using Streamline as normal, close the MGD application.

MGD mode has the following limitations:

  • Streamline cannot guarantee that mgddaemon is in the required state on the target device for MGD mode to be entered.
  • Streamline is not aware if there have been or currently are any graphics API calls that will show a meaningful picture in MGD when it is launched.
  • There is some visible distortion of performance in Live view as some Streamline performance indicators drop temporarily while mgddaemon pauses some of the processes that use graphics APIs.
  • Running mgddaemon has minimal performance impact, however when MGD launches and begins collecting data from mgddaemon there is a significant drop in overall system performance.
  • Continuous running of the target device with two agents can lead to high memory consumption on the host side after a while.

For further information about the Mali Graphics Debugger, see the Mali Graphics Debugger v4.0.0 User Guide, or the Mali Developer site,

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