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Toolbar options in the Live and Timeline views

ARM® Streamline provides easy ways to navigate and modify the Live and Timeline views using the toolbar.

The toolbar controls in the Live and Timeline views are:


If a special condition applies to the capture, one or more of the following tags appear on the left side of the toolbar:

The capture uses event-based sampling.

The capture uses user space gator.

One or more warnings has occurred, as indicated by the number.

You are using DS-5 Community Edition.

When you hover over a tag, a tooltip appears, giving more information about what the tag means.

Stop capture and analyze - Live view only
Stops the capture session and creates an APC report. The report is displayed in the Timeline view. Clicking this button has the same effect as clicking the Stop data capture from the target button in the Streamline Data view.
Stop capture and discard - Live view only
Terminates the current capture session and discards all data. If you choose this option, Streamline does not create an APC report.
Toggle bookmark markers
Activates or deactivates the bookmark markers in the view. If selected, Streamline places vertical lines that stretch across the charts under each of your bookmarks.
Center the display on the Cross Section Marker
Centers the display on the position of the Cross Section Marker. This control is inactive if the Cross Section Marker is parked.
Reset Calipers
Resets the calipers. Calipers are the blue arrow controls at the top of the view that you can use to limit the statistics in the reports to an area of interest.
Select Annotation log... - Timeline view only
Opens the Log view and selects the closest Annotation-generated message to the current position of the Cross Section Marker. This option is not applicable if you did not include ANNOTATION statements in your code.
Zoom level - Timeline view only
Cycles through the levels of zoom. To increase or decrease the unit of time that is used to represent one bin in the Timeline view, use the plus and minus buttons. If you zoom in beyond the sampling frequency, the Timeline view shows interpolated data. Alternatively, use the drop-down list to specify the zoom level.

Figure 5-37 Zoom level drop-down list

Zoom level drop-down list

Time index marker

Shows the time index of the current location of the mouse cursor.

Capture duration

The capture duration in seconds.

Go to beginning - Live view only
Moves the scrollbar to the beginning of the charts in the Live view and holds focus there.
Halt scrolling - Live view only
Causes the Live view to stop scrolling so that you can focus on the chart data currently in view. The charts of the Live view continue to expand as the capture session continues, but the Live view only moves if you move the horizontal scrollbar.
Go to live position - Live view only
Clicking Go to live position returns the Live view to the default scrolling behavior. The view scrolls with the growing charts and the live streaming data remains in focus.
Analyze in MGD - Live view only
Launches the Mali Graphics Debugger from the address that is specified in the Capture & Analysis Options dialog box, and locks the Live view in Streamline. If MGD is already running in another window, Streamline connects to MGD and a new trace begins. If the option to Continue live capture after MGD is activated has been selected in the Capture & Analysis Options, Streamline continues to display the live capture alongside tracing in MGD. If live capture is continued, a bookmark annotation appears on the Live view to indicate when the first function is traced by MGD. MGD retrieves trace details from all graphics API applications running on the target device from the time MGD mode started.
Switch and manage templates

Enables you to select a chart configuration template to apply to the current display and to manage saved templates and to create and load templates.

To append the charts in the selected template to the currently displayed charts, rather than replacing them, hold down the Shift key while clicking this button.

Add charts with default settings...
Enables you to add a chart to the Live or Timeline view from the drop-down list. Either select one of the charts with default settings, or add an empty chart and configure it yourself. The contents of the drop-down list depends on the data that was collected during the capture session.
Cycle through themes
Switches between the dark and light color schemes.

Figure 5-38 Dark color scheme

Dark color scheme

Figure 5-39 Light color scheme

Light color scheme

Export - Timeline view only
Opens the Export dialog box, enabling you to export the data for the current zoom level from the Timeline view to a text file. You can choose to separate values with spaces, commas, or tab delimiters, making it easy to save data as a separate file or to open it in a spreadsheet application.
Displays contextual help.
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