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Building the gator daemon

To communicate with the target device, Streamline requires the gator daemon, gatord, to be running on the device.

Streamline includes a pre-built gatord binary, which you can install and run on a Linux or Android target by clicking Setup target... in the Connection Browser dialog. Alternatively, you can build gatord yourself following the steps outlined in this topic. For more information, see, located in DS-5_install_directory/sw/streamline/gator/.


It is not possible to build gatord on a Windows host.

To build gatord, follow these steps:


  1. Either download the gatord source from, or copy the source supplied in DS-5_install_directory/sw/streamline/gator/daemon/.
  2. Change to the gator daemon directory by using either of the following commands:
    • For Linux, enter:

      cd daemon

    • For Android, enter:

      mv daemon jni

  3. Issue the commands to build gatord.
    • To build gatord for a Linux target, enter:

      make CROSS_COMPILE=${CROSS_TOOLS}/bin/arm-linux-gnueabihf-


      To do this, you must have a g++-enabled build host toolchain. If the target is g++-enabled, you can build directly on it. On a Linaro Ubuntu target, enter the following command to install g++:

      sudo apt-get install g++

    • To build gatord for Android, enter:



      Before you do this, you must have installed the Android NDK. For information, see the Android NDK website,
  4. If you did not build gatord on the target, transfer it to the target and then move it to the appropriate directory. Which directory is appropriate is dependent on the target. Root should have write permission for this directory.
  5. Make gatord executable by entering the following command:

    chmod +x gatord

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