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Starting a capture session

When you have the gator daemon and optionally, the gator driver, up and running, you are ready to run a capture session using Streamline.

To initiate a capture session, follow these steps:


  1. Select a target using the Connection Browser dialog. You open this dialog by clicking the Browse for a target button . Alternatively, enter an IP address in the Address field at the top of the Streamline Data view.
    If you have an Android target and use the ADB to forward the port, enter localhost in the Address field. This field is automatically populated if you selected an Android device connected using ADB in the Connection Browser dialog.
  2. Click the Start capture button.

    Figure 1-1 Starting a capture session

    Starting a capture session

If an up-to-date version of gator is running on your target, Live view opens and begins plotting capture data on the bar graphs in real time.