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This option configures the tools for use with ARM Linux by creating a configuration file describing include paths, library paths, and standard libraries for the GNU C library, glibc. The created configuration file is used when you build your code.


Automatic and manual methods of configuration apply. Automatic configuration attempts to automatically locate an installation of the GNU toolchain on your PATH environment variable, and query it to determine the configuration settings to use. Manual configuration can be used to specify your own locations for header files and libraries. It can be used if you do not have a complete GNU toolchain installed.

If you use automatic configuration, the GCC version number of the GNU toolchain is added to the configuration file. The corresponding --gnu_version=version option is passed to the compiler from the configuration file when using any of the translation options or --arm_linux_paths.

To perform automatic configuration:

  • armcc --arm_linux_configure --arm_linux_config_file=config_file_path --configure_gcc=path --configure_gld=path

    where config_file_path is the path and filename of the configuration file that is created. You can optionally specify the location of the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) driver, and optionally the location of the GNU linker, to override the locations determined from the system PATH environment variable.

To perform manual configuration:

  • armcc --arm_linux_configure --arm_linux_config_file=path --configure_cpp_headers=path --configure_sysroot=path

    where the paths to the GNU libstdc++ Standard Template Library (STL) header files, and the system root path that libraries and header files are found from, are specified.


A GNU toolchain must exist on your system to use automatic configuration.

If using the automatic method of configuration, an ARM Linux GCC must be located with the system PATH environment variable. If you do not have a suitable GCC on your system path, you can either add one to your path, or use --configure_gcc (and optionally --configure_gld) to manually specify the location of a suitable GCC.


Automatic configuration applies unless you specify the location of GCC or the GNU linker using additional options. That is, the compiler attempts to locate an ARM Linux GCC using your system path environment variable, unless you use additional options to specify otherwise.