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#pragma diag_default tag[,tag,...]

This pragma returns the severity of the diagnostic messages that have the specified tags to the severities that were in effect before any pragmas were issued. Diagnostic messages are messages whose message numbers are postfixed by -D, for example, #550-D.


#pragma diag_default tag[,tag,...]



is a comma-separated list of diagnostic message numbers specifying the messages whose severities are to be changed.

At least one diagnostic message number must be specified.


// <stdio.h> not #included deliberately
#pragma diag_error 223
void hello(void)
    printf("Hello ");
#pragma diag_default 223
void world(void)

Compiling this code with the option --diag_warning=223 generates diagnostic messages to report that the function printf() is declared implicitly.

The effect of #pragma diag_default 223 is to return the severity of diagnostic message 223 to Warning severity, as specified by the --diag_warning command-line option.