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Folding maximum

vpmax -> takes maximum of adjacent pairs

int8x8_t    vpmax_s8(int8x8_t a, int8x8_t b);        // VPMAX.S8 d0,d0,d0 
int16x4_t   vpmax_s16(int16x4_t a, int16x4_t b);     // VPMAX.S16 d0,d0,d0
int32x2_t   vpmax_s32(int32x2_t a, int32x2_t b);     // VPMAX.S32 d0,d0,d0
uint8x8_t   vpmax_u8(uint8x8_t a, uint8x8_t b);      // VPMAX.U8 d0,d0,d0 
uint16x4_t  vpmax_u16(uint16x4_t a, uint16x4_t b);   // VPMAX.U16 d0,d0,d0
uint32x2_t  vpmax_u32(uint32x2_t a, uint32x2_t b);   // VPMAX.U32 d0,d0,d0
float32x2_t vpmax_f32(float32x2_t a, float32x2_t b); // VPMAX.F32 d0,d0,d0
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