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__smuadx intrinsic

This intrinsic inserts an SMUADX instruction into the instruction stream generated by the compiler. It enables you to exchange the halfwords of the second operand, perform two 16-bit signed integer multiplications, and add the products together. Exchanging the halfwords of the second operand produces top × bottom and bottom × top multiplication. The Q flag is set if the addition overflows. The multiplications cannot overflow.

unsigned int__smuadx(unsigned int val1, unsigned int val2)



holds the first halfword operands for each multiplication


holds the second halfword operands for each multiplication.

The __smuadx intrinsic returns the products of the two 16-bit signed multiplications.


unsigned int exchange_dual_multiply_prods(unsigned int val1, unsigned int val2)
  unsigned int res;

    res = __smuadx(val1,val2); /* val2[31:16][15:0] = val2[15:0][31:16]
                                  p1 = val1[15:0] × val2[15:0]
                                  p2 = val1[31:16] × val2[31:16]
                                  res[31:0] = p1 + p2
    return res;

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