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This option configures a set of other options with defaults that are suitable for ARM Linux compilation.


These defaults are enabled automatically when you use one of the following ARM Linux options:

  • --arm_linux_paths

  • --translate_gcc in full GCC emulation mode

  • --translate_g++ in full GCC emulation mode

  • --translate_gld in full GCC emulation mode.

Typical use of this option is to aid the migration of legacy code. It enables you to simplify the compiler options used in existing makefiles, while retaining full and explicit control over the header and library search paths used.

When migrating from a build earlier than RVCT v4.0, you can replace all of these options supplied to the compiler with a single --arm_linux option.


By default, the configured set of options is:

  • --apcs=/interwork

  • --enum_is_int

  • --gnu

  • --library_interface=aeabi_glibc

  • --no_execstack

  • --no_hide_all

  • --preinclude=linux_armcc.h

  • --wchar32.


To apply the default set of options, use --arm_linux.

To override any of the default options, specify them separately. For example, --arm_linux --hide_all.

In the latter example, --hide_all overrides the --no_hide_all encompassed by --arm_linux.