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This option sets diagnostic messages that have the specified tags to warning severity.

The --diag_warning option behaves analogously to --diag_errors, except that the compiler sets the diagnostic messages having the specified tags to warning severity rather than error severity.


This option has the #pragma equivalent #pragma diag_warning.


For some diagnostic message numbers in the range 3000-3100, the same number can refer to two unrelated messages. ARM will address this in a future release. If you use this option, specifying such a number, it affects both messages.



Where tag can be:

  • a diagnostic message number to set to warning severity

  • error, to downgrade the severity of all downgradable errors to warnings.


--diag_warning=A1234,error causes message A1234 and all downgradable errors to be treated as warnings, providing changing the severity of A1234 is permitted.