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Defined in rt_misc.h, this is the library initialization function and is the companion to __rt_lib_shutdown().


extern value_in_regs struct __argc_argv __rt_lib_init(unsigned heapbase, unsigned heaptop);



is the start of the heap memory block.


is the end of the heap memory block.


This function is called immediately after __rt_stackheap_init() and is passed an initial chunk of memory to use as a heap. This function is the standard ARM C library initialization function and it must not be reimplemented.


This function returns argc and argv ready to be passed to main(). The structure is returned in the registers as:

struct __argc_argv
{   int argc;
    char **argv;
    int r2, r3;   // optional extra arguments that on entry to main() are
};                // found in registers R2 and R3.