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This option creates a Base Platform Application Binary Interface (BPABI) ELF file for passing to a platform-specific post-linker.

The BPABI model defines a standard-memory model that enables interoperability of BPABI-compliant files across toolchains. When this option is selected:

  • Procedure Linkage Table (PLT) and Global Offset Table (GOT) generation is supported.

  • The default value of the --pltgot option is direct.

  • a dynamic link library (DLL) placed on the command-line can define symbols.


The BPAPI model does not support scatter-loading. However, scatter-loading is supported in the Base Platform model.

Weak references in the dynamic symbol table are permitted only if the symbol table is defined by a DLL placed on the command-line. You cannot place an unresolved weak reference in the dynamic symbol table with the IMPORT steering file command.

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