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--project=filename, --no_project

This option instructs the linker to load the specified project template file.


This option is deprecated.



Where filename is the name of a project template file.


The default is --no_project.


If you obtained the ARM Compiler toolchain with another ARM product, you can set an environment variable to specify a project template file to use as the default:

  • --project overrides this environment variable

  • --no_project prevents the default project template file specified by this environment variable from being used.

See the Getting Started document of your ARM product for more information.


Options from a project template file are only set when they do not conflict with options already set on the command line. If an option from a project template file conflicts with an existing command-line option, the command-line option takes precedence.


The following is an example of a project template file, cp926.xml:

<!-- suiteconf.cfg -->
<suiteconf name="Integrator/CP with CM926EJ-S">
    <tool name="armlink">

When you specify this file, the command armlink --project=dp926.xml foo.o results in the command line:

armlink --ro-base=0x24000000 --rw-base=0x10800000 --cpu=ARM926EJ-S foo.o