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About the Mictor 38 connector

The Mictor 38 connector is intended for high-speed trace capture of up to 16 bits of trace data and status/sync signals. You can also use it to connect to the debug signals of the target.


This connector supports only one voltage domain. If the trace and debug signals of the target system use different logic levels, the target must be designed to use a separate debug connector. If a separate connector is used for the debug signals, the unused debug pins of the Mictor 38 connector can be left open circuit.

The central earthing strip on the connector provides signal ground. This strip has five through-hole pins, and to achieve reliable trace operation these pins must be soldered directly to the ground plane of the target board.

The following figure shows the Mictor 38 connector pinout:

Figure 13. Mictor 38 connector pinout

Figure 13. Mictor 38 connector pinout

Because of the Mictor cable construction, the signals on the probe itself are column-reversed (1-37, 37-1, 2-38, 38-2, and so on). Only take this into account if testing signals at the probe.

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