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Voltage domains of the DSTREAM probe

The DSTREAM probe supports two separate voltage domains to work with debug and trace interfaces on differing voltage rails.

Voltage domain A is used by the following connectors:

  • ARM JTAG 20.

  • TI JTAG 14.

  • ARM JTAG 14.

  • CoreSight 10.

  • CoreSight 20.

  • MIPI 34.

Voltage domain B is used by the following connectors:

  • Mictor 38.

  • MIPI 34.

The MIPI 34 connector is the only one which supports both voltage domains, and is equipped with two VTREF pins to achieve the correct logic levels.

The VTREF A and VTREF B LEDs on the probe indicate when targets have been detected in the respective voltage domains.

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