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6.1. About customizing the Performance Analysis Tool

You can customize the Performance Analysis Tool to display the performance information that you require.

You can add graphs, tables, and framebuffer output panes. For example, you can display several graphs, with each one displaying the output of several performance counters.

The procedures described in this section are examples only. You can use your own names for panes, and include the performance counters that you require.

You can use the Performance Analysis Tool to create project files that show one or more performance data files, the graphs and tables that you have defined, and the performance variables displayed in them. You can save a project as a .pat file, enabling you to store the layout you have created, and reload it at any time.

To save the project, you can either select Save project from the File menu, type CTRL+S, or click on the Save Project button.


You can only add table, graph or info panes if there is space available within the screen area of the Performance Analysis Tool window. If there is not enough screen space an error message is generated.

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