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3.3. Performance Analysis Tool file types

The Performance Analysis Tool uses the following file types:

.ds2 files

.ds2 files are performance data files, created by the instrumented drivers or the OpenGL ES 2.0 emulator, that contain a description of the performance counters, together with the performance counter data in the form of a series of values and images. You can display one or more .ds2 files in the Performance Analysis Tool Performance counters pane. See Performance data files and counters for more information about performance data files.

.pat files

.pat files contain user settings that define the tables and graphs that are displayed within a particular custom layout, or project, and also the performance counters the graphs and tables include. The .pat file also references the .ds2 files that are used within a project. You use .pat files to reload saved projects. That is, when you load a .pat file, the previous layout of graphs and tables is restored.

See Creating performance data files and Creating project files for more information.

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