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5.3. Using the Performance Analysis Tool in online mode

In online mode, the Performance Analysis Tool uses a network connection to display the performance data of a graphics application running on a development platform or other target computer. You can also read and display the data of one or more .ds2 dump files. These dump files must have been written by earlier runs of the instrumented driver.


To use the Performance Analysis Tool in online mode, you must have a system that includes Mali hardware and a standard network connection. In the early stages of development, this usually involves working with an ARM development board, with the Mali GPU implemented as either Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) or as an Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) test chip.

The host platform, typically a desktop computer running Windows or Linux, runs the Performance Analysis Tool application. The Performance Analysis Tool monitors your target platform continuously, and connects to the instrumented drivers when they start.

The target platform contains the GPU, and runs the graphics application linked with the Instrumented graphics drivers.

Communication between the target platform and the host is established using TCP/IP over an Ethernet connection.

Figure 5.4 shows how you can use the Performance Analysis Tool to view performance data files in real time, and Connecting to the target platform describes how to connect the target platform to your desktop computer.

Figure 5.4. Viewing performance data in real time

Figure 5.4. Viewing performance data in real

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