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2.1.4. Installation overview

The Shader Development Studio plug-in is delivered as an Eclipse local update site package. To install the plug-in you can use the Eclipse update site mechanism. This is the recommended method for installing Eclipse plug-ins because it enables Eclipse to automatically manage the installation and un-installation of the plug-in, in addition to managing plug-in dependencies.

The installation procedure comprises of four steps:

  1. Download the Shader Development Studio. One version covers both Windows and Linux.

  2. Configure the Eclipse update manager with the location of the Shader Development Studio update site directory.


    The operating system used for this description was Windows, however with the exception to directory names, it is identical to using Linux. This is also applicable to steps 3 and 4.

  3. Install the Shader Development Studio with Eclipse.


    Depending on your version of Eclipse:

    • Select Help → Software updates ... from the Eclipse menu bar.

    • Select Help → Install New Software ... from the Eclipse menu bar.

  4. Configure the Shader Development Studio.

These steps are described in the following sections.

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