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2.4. Uninstalling the Shader Development Studio Plug-in

To uninstall the Shader Development Studio plug-in for future updates:

  1. Select Help  → Install new software → already installed

  2. Select Mali GPU Shader Development Studio and click Uninstall ....

  3. The uninstall details list is displayed. Select Mali GPU Shader Development Studio and then click Finish to remove the plug-in.

  4. Restart Eclipse and to confirm that the removal was successful, select Window → Open Perspective → Other .... See Figure 2.11.

    Figure 2.11. Plug-in removed

    Plug-in removed


  • With some installations you can see the icon <Mali Shader Development Studio> left in the open perspective window. If you click on this icon nothing happens, because the plug-in has already been correctly un-installed.

  • You can use the Add or Remove option in the Windows Control Panel to remove the local update site.

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