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3.5.2. Animating the shader

This section describes how to animate the Environment Mapping shader demo.

The Environment Mapping shader demo effect already has key frame values set, so the animation can be generated immediately. To render all frames:

  1. Click the Render All Frames icon in the Shader Preview view.

    A Progress bar is displayed in the Shader Preview view to indicate that the selected shader is being rendered by the target. The first frame of the animation is displayed in the Shader Preview view.

  2. Use the transport controls beneath the preview to control the animation.

    Click Play Forward to start the animation. The shader preview shows the number of frames requested, interpolated between the initial frame and final frame. See Figure 3.26:

    Figure 3.26. Environment Mapping animation

    Environment Mapping animation

For more information about animating shaders, see Shader Control and Shader Uniforms.

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