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4.1.3. Renderers

The Renderers pane of the Preferences dialog box controls connections to available renderers that are detected on the local network. See Figure 4.3:

Figure 4.3. Renderers Preferences pane

Renderers Preferences pane

For more information about using the Renderers pane, see Select a renderer.

Renderer Information

This list is a static collection of renderers that have been added during the use of the Shader Development Studio.

Each entry has two fields that display information about the renderer:


The name of the renderer.


The IP address and port number of the renderer.

Add Renderer ...

Click Add Renderer to open a dialog box that enables you to manually specify a renderer. The following data is required for each renderer added:


Name for the connection, as it appears in the Renderers list.


The IP address of the renderer.


The TCP port used to communicate with the renderer. The default connection port is port 3472.

Remove Renderer

Remove the renderer currently selected in the list.

Edit Renderer ...

Edit the details of the currently selected renderer.

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